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TIPS from Al - Spring Maintenance of Your Home

Spring has arrived once again — the season of blooms and new beginnings. You may be ready to enjoy the season, but can you say the same about your home?

The weather during springtime is at its best, making this season the perfect time to get back on track with your home maintenance routines.

Take advantage of moderate temperatures and favorable weather to take the following maintenance efforts.

Home Exterior & Outdoor Maintenance Efforts

Your home’s exterior served as your first line of protection against the harsh winter season. With that, it pays to check on the exterior of your home, making sure that no damage was done and that everything is fully functional.


Check your chimney for any signs of water infiltration. These can include cracks between bricks and stones, vegetation growing out of your chimney, the presence of efflorescence, etc. If you notice any of these, re-seal the bricks and stones of your chimney with water-resistant sealing products.

Deck and Patio

Ideally, you should be conducting maintenance and general cleaning efforts on your deck and patio every year to extend their life. Sweep away any debris and check if there are any loose or warped boards.


The foundation of your home is the most important aspect of your spring maintenance efforts. If you spot any cracks in the foundation, you should engage the services of foundation specialists to repair them immediately.


Before you bring out your barbeque set and start celebrating the coming of spring, make sure that your grills and appliances are all safe and secure. Inspect the hoses and wires and check for clogs or obstructions in the burner jets.


The fall and winter seasons can be hard on your lawn. If you don’t conduct proper maintenance, you risk killing your grass and ruining your landscape. Take time to rake your lawn, get rid of weeds, and remove debris, leaves, and fallen branches.

Outdoor Furniture

Give your outdoor furniture a deep clean to prepare it for the spring season. This ensures that you get rid of rust on metal furniture and scare away the pests that might have made their home in your furniture during the winter.


Your roof took the first hit of winter weather conditions. It’s highly recommended that you get them checked immediately. Professionals can help you spot roof damage, such as curled, cracked, or missing shingles.


Inspect your walls and look for any spots and water stains. More often than not, you’ll find signs of water infiltration near your gutters. Scrub these clean immediately to prevent the growth of mold.


Check if your window caulks and weather stripping are still intact and repair them accordingly. Wash your windows using cleaning detergents to keep them spotless.

Home Interior Maintenance Efforts

While your interiors were not directly affected by winter weather conditions, cleaning the inside of your home ensures that you and your family have a comfortable, safe, and healthy space to dwell in. Conduct the following interior maintenance efforts.

Air Conditioning

After spring comes the hot summer season. As early as now, it’s important to make sure that your air conditioning units are working optimally. Clean or change the filters, remove clogs on the drains, and check for damage in the hoses.


Your attic might have become a safe haven for pests, mold, insects, and other animals during the cold winter season. Inspect your attic and make sure to seal any openings that can welcome critters. Also, spot and address signs of leaks and water infiltration.


Your dark, humid basement is the perfect breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. Make sure you clean your basement frequently and equip it with dehumidifiers to prevent mold from thriving.


Check all the areas in your home that can be prone to leaks and water infiltration. These include your kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as your laundry area. Make sure that all hoses and water connections are free from holes or damage.

General Cleaning

Spring is the best time to conduct general cleaning around your home. Vacuum your floors, scrub your windows, dust your furniture, etc. Leave no stone unturned and clean every corner and surface.


You should never neglect maintenance efforts in your home. Regular cleaning and routine inspections will help you ensure that you and your family are safe and comfortable all year long.

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